Business Ideas In Telugu 2019 | Small Business Ideas in Telugu


Business Ideas In Telugu 2019 | Small Business Ideas in Telugu


Any business should start small

Then you have to move it up gradually

Ideal for companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook

There are many businesses with low investment

Small businesses can be managed from home. Less investment is needed. You can also start with Rs 10,000 each. Let’s look at some trading businesses (trading business ie buying products from manufacturers or wholesalers and selling them directly to customers or retailers) with minimal investment

Costume Jewelery

Young people now have a high emphasis on fashion and style. There is nothing special about the girls here. When it comes to fashion and style. There are girls who do not like costume jewelery. This will increase the beauty of the girls. This is why the country has seen a significant increase in the costume jewelery market in the recent past. Many entrepreneurs buy jewelery from wholesalers and sell it directly to customers. Facebook and Instagram are also used for this purpose.

Green tea

Recently there has been increased attention to health in people. Many are expected to live a healthy and happy life. This is why green tea has grown in importance. Green Teen Famous Than Black Tea. Green tea has many benefits. This business also has many opportunities to succeed.

Mobile Accessories

Smartphones have become a part of our lives. This is in full demand for mobile phones. Mobile accessories are just as demanding. Full demand in Youth for Headphones, Power Banks, Pendrive and Mobile Covers. Businesses can get good profits.

Leather bags

Class Look Fashion Trend is growing. That is why there is a demand for leather bags. Many people use leather bags for everyday activities. This business is also profitable.

Online bakery

Did you get cake making? But there is nothing else you can do to make money. Start an online bakery business. Now everyone wants ready-made, door delivery. Many people order cakes online. Create a Facebook and Instagram Page and Make it Popular

Tiffin Services

Life is busy. Rice is not even eaten. IT and call center employees are getting relief with Tiffin services. This business can also be tried if you are a tasty cook.

In addition, businesses like Herbal Products, Computer Accessories, Candles and Solar Products can also do. These are also beneficial.


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